Friday, March 06, 2009

just the facts

This is clearly untenable. We need clowns and circus performers. When immigration offices get in the way of the circus then things have gone too far – we need circuses, especially in these hard times. Maybe I’ll start an organization.

I took WonderTwin 2 to another Caps game last night in hopes that we could break the curse. Not happening. Not only did the Caps lose their third straight at home, Ovechkin didn’t even play. He’d only missed one game due to injury in his career, and now he’s got to deal with her. The team is now 0-4 with her in attendance. She is not going to any playoff games this season.

The Eleven is heading the Kennedy Center on Monday night to get our Irish in order for the month via a show by The Chieftains. I’ve been waiting to see them for a number of years and a fancy pants venue can’t be the worst option in the world.

We had the big storm last Sunday night with about 4-5 inches hitting the D.C. area. Needless to say, they shut the joint down and most everyone stayed home. I did make my way into work at about 9am and it was pretty nasty on the streets. Everything held steady, weather wise, for about two days but the warmth has finally returned. I think we’re expecting mid-60s to low-70s this weekend.

On Tuesday night, while waiting for X at the Metro stop, I was parked next to a guy who’d gotten out of his Toyota Corolla to stand and watch out for his pick up target. I don’t know why I found it surreal but he was about 6’3’’, maybe 50 years old, glasses, bad mullet, smoking a cigarette, and wearing black boots and a calf-length mink coat. I half expected to see some cameras filming a reality show. I also thought that I can finally pull out my full-length mink coat and start rolling like that again.

Not much doing out here.

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