Tuesday, March 10, 2009

earle to earle

Another music post, it happens. I was surfing around for good live clips of artists I like - while staying away from Hell's Kitchen and after watching Angel by Shaggy - and I came across two great pieces. The first is Galway Girl by Steve Earle from a performance at the Kennedy Center. This was during the one of Steve's Irish phases (I think he was dating an Irish lass at the time) and is one of my favorites songs. Of course, for those that know Earle's work you could have gotten any number of things thrown at you on any album - Dukes loud, folk, Irish, bluegrass, DJ, country, Americana, or some Townes. I chose this one because it's a good recording, excellent camera work, a great band, and he looks quite content.

(If you're listening on a laptop, wear headphones...they sound much better. If you're on a PC or iMac, turn up the speakers.)

The second is Steve's son, Justin, doing a cover of his dad's Tom Ames' Prayer - another great song. As you can tell from the chit chat, Justin doesn't much like doing Steve's songs for whatever reason so it's rare to get a video of this quality. I first saw Justin play at a show at the Barbican in London when he toured with Steve and Steve's sister, Stacey. They all played acoustic sets and popped on and off the stage for duets or trios throughout the night. That was probably 7 or 8 years ago and Justin was just a long, tall kid. I've been waiting for him to release some of his stuff and he finally opened with an EP a few years (barely) back, Yuma. He's followed it up quickly with two full-length offerings: last year's The Good Life, and the just-released Midnight at the Movies. Both are excellent works and I think this could be a huge year for him; Midnight is that good. If you see him touring nearby, make an effort to get out and catch a set.>

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