Monday, March 16, 2009

try this on for size

This has been rattling around in my head all day – and it’s something that my baby passed along last night – no doubt after our very in-depth Ethicist discussion about contractors and sub-contractors. I’ll try to recreate it as best as I can recall. Most people tend to marry and/or date those that are similar to what their life has presented them as they grow up. There’s no doubt some association between your girlfriend or wife, and where and how you were raised. What this leads to is wondering about Barack Obama. He was raised primarily by his mother and her family in Hawai’i – a place I’ve never been but I’m doesn’t have a huge African-American presence. He was raised by a white household with very little presence in his house from the black community. Being that he’s mixed race he could just as easily ended up marrying someone white; in fact, that may have been something more expected based on his life experiences, including his time at Harvard. This question, though, isn’t necessarily about why or how he ended up marrying Michelle, it’s about what would have happened – or where would he be – if he had married someone white? It all wraps my brain around a post too many times to sort out. I thought I’d just throw it into your mind to see what happens.

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