Friday, November 16, 2007

stuff it

I don't think I've made the pitch yet but I'm making it now. Buy reusable grocery bags at your nearest store. I'm about five years into this and I have absolutely no idea why anyone would use either the plastic or paper for groceries. Depending on where you shop they'll give you a refund for bringing your own bags. Wholes Foods gives you some like $.03, which is horribly pathetic considering the cost of gnosh at WFoods. My Organic Market (MOM) here in Virginia gives you $.10 on each bag - considering they only run $.99 to purchase they will pay for themselves right quick. But...I'll let everyone off on the financial aspect because it's not even close the main reason why you should get on board; actually, there are two. The first is that all those plastic bags are an absolute waste. The second is that after the first time you use five or six heavy, good quality bags with handles you will never go back to using anything else - they are fantastic. You've got choices - I'm giving you choices - money, environment, awesomeness. You will love me for this.

My next goal, after tracking driving and destinations within our 5km ring (another story), is to cease and desist with plastic water bottles. Maybe I'm late to the party on this one but I'll get there in the end. Just think of me getting lost en route, a trunk full of beer, and the party already smoking....I'll get there.

love to all.


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