Monday, November 12, 2007

(whack whack)

It took a few weeks - not technologically, simply lazily - to put this little video up, but here it is. This is what happens when you hang a pinata from a tree at a birthday party and let the ooompah loompahs at it. Did I scream like that when I was young? The Eleven hung it up as the children were arriving and once they spied it across the courtyard they were on it like demons. They knew they'd have to wait but it was soooooo hard to simply paw and touch it....hard! Kids. Q. was a bit confused after it broke and all the loot came out; his desire was to beat something with a big stick. He's of an age, and psycho-state, where whacking things with a bat is much more chi inducing than picking a bunch of junkie toys from the grass. He's like that.

My one and only entry on Fantasy Football this season is two-fold. First, my team has battled into playoff position due to superior ownership and general managership. If you're wondering, I'm both. The team battled back from an 0-3 start and charged smartly to the upper echelons of the league. You may ask yourself this: if he's such a great owner/manager why did his team start 0-3? You'd be allowed that question but nevermind. The answer is clearly that I've overcome and adapted to the crazy evolution of this NFL season. Easy peasy. Seondly, MLB has filed suit to stop fantasy sites from using MLB names and statistics for fantasy baseball leagues unless MLB is renumerated. I don't know about the hot stove leagues but I will tell you that the NFL has become the behemoth that it is today because of fantasy sports. I think the NFL is more conducive to fantasy play, but MLB was the original product in the area. They are crazy if they cause an uproar in one of the areas that keep many a fan fully focused on the game. One man's opinion.

I'm off to look at my team. I need a great Seattle defensive and special teams performance tonight.

Love to all


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