Wednesday, November 07, 2007

myth reality fantasy truly

Monday AM. X finally decided that in order to survive through Thanksgiving she had to do something dramatic with her laptop. All of her hoity-toity school work was inaccessible because the lil’ guy was having serious power issues. The battery has been inop for a quite awhile and the a/c power had become something of a fantasy over the last week or so. She hit the internet early and found a computer repair shop (or guy, as we discovered) here in Arlington that told her (very informatively at that) to bring it over because he knew just was it needed. The Sonys seem to have an issue with the solde near the power connection coming, as one would say, un-soldered. He e-mailed back that same afternoon, much to her dippity-dance happiness, and told her is was finished. We stopped over around 7:30p to pay-and-go with the newly repaired and cleaned computer. I like this guy: he runs the business out of his very neat office/basement, the bill was ready to go, the computer (with power cord) was on and running when we arrived, and he has a 30-day guarantee on any work he performs. I’d recommend him to anyone – and I better had. As I was waiting for the bill and details to be settled I took a little look around the outer office area and noted the only two pictures on display, and I am not making this up: a signed Patrick Stewart, and a signed Ghostsbusters cast 8 x 10. They call it a stereotype.


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