Sunday, November 11, 2007

i'll tell you a yarn


Via keen sense of observation I've learned that X's mother (we'll call her Amy) is making her lovely daughter a throw, by hand, because she loves her. I haven't ascertained whether it was on offer or a matter of strong-arming by the eldest child; either way, it's getting done. There's been a mish-mish of yarn and skein discussion that seems to revolve around type and color of material - it's all completely foreign to me. What isn't foreign is the little banter between generations. This is the form it's taken as they've decided which skeins to purchase after the color / diplomacy relations. The color listing on the left is what Amy delivered for order; the right column is my beloved's list of the same "color":

blue - blue
gray - steel blue
russet - rust
brown - dark barley
maroon - purple
green - green
beige - beige

As if one could confuse a russet for a rust or a dark barley for a brown. I won't even try to explain how we've convoluted the gray for a steel blue.

I had two movies on Friday night while X was dropping the boys at Dulles for their trip to the Midwest. The second movie, The Holiday, which was intended as nothing more than fluff, was horrible. I meant for the second to be fluff because the opener was the documentary, No End in Sight. I really didn’t need any further evidence against this administration, and I figured on trudging through this like every other review of events, but it just smacked me in the head…hard. No real historical review will be needed of this group of simpletons.

It was an easy and quiet weekend.


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