Tuesday, November 20, 2007

it happens every so often...i rail

Based on the poverty levels established by the Federal Government, a family of four earning double the poverty level (the mysterious and evil 200% number) would be looking at numbers much like these below. Of course, those who were so infuriated at SCHIP or health insurance reform can only see 200% and/or the $41,200 income per year for that family of four – the $41,200 that is published by the government as a part of the poverty tables; I wonder why? Here we go…

After taking out federal income tax ($7,000/year), Virginia state income tax ($2,117/yr), and FICA / social security ($3,150/year), we end up with about $2,421 brought home per month. The family of four sits down and runs a pretty conservative budget:

$1,000 rent for a two-bedroom apartment (the kids sleep in one room)
$300 for family of four health insurance premiums
$600 for food
$200 for clothing fund and activities for children
$100 for both parents to the ride the Metro buses five days a week (roundtrips)

Total expenses: $2,200
Leftover: $241/month

We haven’t included utilities (another $100-$150/mo.?), dental insurance, they don’t have a car (no gas, no insurance), telephone service – no kids running around with cells, no vacations, co-pays on health insurance, Christmas presents, or any other niceties. Nothing. That $241 will be gone when we eventually pay for heat, water, and dental care. No investments. No IRAs, no savings for retirement. What exactly is unclear about just how much money it takes to live a very simple and basic existence? No credit card debt, nothing owed, no money saved for college. The kids are walking to school or riding the bus. These numbers are for the 200% family – they toe the line and they still have absolutely nothing at the end of each month. If you need a little more to drive it home think about this: in order to bring home an income of $41,200 per year the two parents would each need to work 40 hours per week and earn $10.15/hour. That’s truth.

So, for all the Michelle Malkin followers, Fox News watching drones, Republican hardheads in congress, the President, and the Hummer driving, cell phone-toting, two-home owning, and vacation-taking screamers…please…shut up.

Sorry. I couldn’t help it.


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