Thursday, February 21, 2013

stay on target; stay on target

This Google Glass thing is pretty cool.

My first reaction, as with most technology, is laughter - I'm sort of built that way. What I realized about half-way through the ad is that we are essentially looking at applying the first-person shooter in video games (which I hate) to everyday life - and what we have is a world where video games have a beneficial effect on who we are, and what we do. (Video gamers claiming dexterity, computer skillz, and logic/reasoning abilities isn't anything I yet believe; okay, I'll change that - if your increased dexterity involves moving your fingers quickly within a five-inch space, then fine.)  What I do wonder about is the ability for people to essentially multi-task while doing whatever else they happen to need to focus on. Any type of HUD takes a considerable amount of training - older folks might struggle (see: mandolin playing, Todd), but yutes will no doubt adapt much quicker. I think back to trying to 'teach' multi-tasking in my AF career, and as often as not you can't teach it - they had it, or they didn't. Sort of like teaching 'speed' - can't be done. I shudder to think of people trying to use it while driving the car, walking, or even sitting in a chair. Also, I don't much care for the voice activation which will sound like hundreds of people talking to Sulu on from some distance planet.

"Glass, start recording. Stop recording. Crap, take a picture. Wait, turn left here? Glass, I'm lost..."

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