Monday, February 04, 2013

another brick

I've been doing some searching online for bricklayers' training and/or skills - anyone got anything? This goes back to the "I'm going to build a wood-burning brick oven in the backyard this summer" entry. I've found quite a few folks who have posted plans online for ovens that they've completed so I feel like I can parlay at least a few of those into an appropriate size and shape. I think the actual brick working is going to be the test. Does one build a mini-brickwall (like 4 x 2) to practice the skills? As I was blathering on about this a few weeks ago, X immediately piped up with, "You can't use my bricks!" My readers may wonder what kind of person would, first, get all dib-sy on bricks, and second, have 1,000 brick laying about the place. I can tell you - she lives here. Those above are her bricks, dammit. Fine, I'll get my own bricks. Better bricks; manly bricks.

The 51 went to down to the nearly abandoned Eastern Market on Sunday; the vendors tend to take the few cold months off after Christmas to recover, so it wasn’t unexpected. I did get some Peregrine coffee (I was out of my coffee at home), we stocked up on cheese at the monger for pizza night, and we visited one of our favorite used bookshops on Capitol Hill. I actually had a book in mind, Leviathan by Hobbes, for a book club (they don’t stock it at actual bookstores – who wants it?), so I figured the compact philosophy aisle might prove fruitful. It did. L. grabbed a copy of The Silmarillion on the way out: I think we win a prize for the two densest paperbacks bought at one time. A little light reading at the Court. We actually saw The Hobbit for a Saturday matinee, and L. is in a Tolkien class this term, so that purchase at least some sense. I haven’t yet seen the previews for the Leviathan movie. Is Brad Pitt going to play him?

I had my first mando lesson on Saturday, and confessed to my complete lack of instrumental knowledge – and shitty 12 year-old practice skills on the piano. The teacher is pretty cool and I’m now set-up with my opening pile of stuff needed to excel. I’m working my G-scales this week while focusing on the G, C, and D chords – my finger tips are sore, and my elbow is sore. What is the price to pay for learning a string instrument? As I was practicing yesterday Lemon was on the bed in the room and immediately strolled closer to me in my chair, laid down, stared at me, and seemed to enjoy the musical sounds. This is why she’s my cat…dedication

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