Tuesday, February 19, 2013

we are...

As not expected, we destroyed the 37-team pub quiz group of johnny-come-latelys last night. After our sterling performance three weeks ago (tied for 3rd), we stepped up and won for the first time last night: a four-point clearance over some of our archrivals (our archrivals; we are not their’s). It feels good. We feel strong. We’re just taking it one day at a time. Just like they say in South Bend: play like a champion today. Is this too much?

I must confess that I messed up three questions in the sports round, which ended up being our worst of the night – if we’d lost I would have hung my head in shame. (Who drafted Kobe Bryant? – Charlotte Hornets: I glitched and put the Memphis Grizzlies knowing full well they didn’t exist at the time, and I know it was Charlotte. Some 1990s darts champion was different than the rest because? Left handed: I wrote and then erased. What year was “the Catch” in the 49ers game: 1982 – my time was way off on that for some reason.) All easy enough questions…focus. Rabbit.

X was stellar all night: Kingfisher id’d, checked. Lena Horne, check. Sheryl Crow, check. Daniel Day-Lewis roles, check. Our third pulled Katie Couric and her colonoscopy out of, well, you know. Looking back, we had no right on at least 12 questions, but somehow managed to scrawl the right answers. I guess that’s how it works.

Here’s a new deal: playing C, D, and G on the mandolin is a piece of cake. Playing A or E is not. This might be an issue of old-man hands, but getting your pinkie and ring finger to cooperate isn’t so easy. I’ll have to contact my buddy, Buzz, and make sure he isn’t just rocking three chords on all his guitar songs. I question the reality behind his skills.

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