Friday, February 15, 2013

that's fine, scroll down

They say you only need one event to earn your fame; this is mine.

Imagine you have delivered this scroll (or roll) to your king. Suppose he mounts it on two barrels, one left and one right, and then decides to read it while you 'operate' the machinery. As he's reading the various requests from the kingdom next door, reading page on page, he says to you "scroll to the left". What does that mean? Did he just walk into your cubicle, look over your shoulder and say, "Scroll down. No. Down. Down, I mean up"? No, his kingship did not. You can easily see that regardless of the tool (or roll) you are using, the direction is clearly for you to move the paper/scroll to the left: scroll left. The scroll moves the direction he is telling you to move it. See? So, if you come into my cubicle and are reading the long article about the importance of blogging on my screen, please direct me to scroll up, not down, to get the comments section. The page is moving (scrolling) up. I know what you're thinking: what if I'm using the mouse wheel? What if I'm using the 'scroll' bar? You know what I'm thinking? Did you just read what I wrote? That's what I'm thinking. The document on the screen is still moving up. Scroll up. Just because the wheel is spinning down does not mean the action of the document is down. Moving the rectangle down on the 'scroll' bar isn't any different - the scrolling action is still up.

I rest.

Off with your head.

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