Thursday, March 14, 2013

zooming by

 It's been quite a bit longer than I expected to be away. I imagined a normal day or two before once again typing away. Life intervenes, doesn't it?

I'm sure I should probably go on at length, but I won't; not right now. My father passed away about two weeks ago so I haven't been much in the mood to write about the little things in life. I spent last weekend in Dallas with his wife, Caroline, and the largest gathering of the clan that I've attending in many a decade. There were tears, but there were an equal number of laughs and stories - a celebration as much as mourning. I'll leave the rest of my wandering thoughts for another time.

My youngest got her first college acceptance letter - with a chunk of scholarship money attached - in the mail today. It was a nice package from Goucher College and it sort of makes me feel like my work here is done (it's not, not by a long shot!). Regardless of how the other applications turn out, I'd be very happy for her to continue her education at a very small college nearby. She and visited back in November and I really like the academics, campus, and people. I think it's grown on her a bit since then so we'll probably make a return visit in the next month to have one more look about the place.

Bad news. Good news.

The easiest way back in, isn't it?

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