Monday, April 01, 2013

chisolm, like the trail

Much like our journey to Buffalo years ago, our trip to Baltimore on Saturday/Sunday was quite charming, unexpected some (beyond our realm might say). It was only 24 hours, but we managed to luck into the sort of stuff that happens when we travel. Saturday’s drive up was smooth and we checked in at the 1840s Carrollton Inn at about 4pm before heading down to the Fells Point area for window shopping and coffee – and people watching as loads of Baltimore people (Baltimoreans?) were  well on their way through what appeared to be an annual bunny-ear-pre/easter-drunkfest all about the place. We hit the dress shops (her) and record shop (me). This is what a record shop looks like – from way back in the 1990s. I was happy as a pig in shit; I restrained myself to six or seven CDs from my list.

Dinner involved more planning – we were right near Little Italy, but the classic Italian places serve classic Italian fare, and if you don’t eat meat you are pretty limited; maybe some Alfredo or ravioli. Instead I tabled us at Helmand, a well-regarded Afghan restaurant in the Mt. Vernon area –ends up being one the best meals we’ve ever eaten. Afghan food is very subtle, light on the spice, and loaded with great stuff like leeks, chickpeas, yoghurt, coriander/cilantro, and cardamom. From bread to dessert it was quite amazing, and dirt cheap by the standards of this area: two apps, two soups, two mains, two glasses of wine, two desserts, tea and coffee for $80 – he got a nice tip.

Yesterday we had the (expected) mediocre breakfast at the Inn (why do higher-end Inns always struggle with this?), which was the only down point for the weekend, followed by real coffee at the communist/power to the union bookshop in Mt. Vernon, another bookstore for actual shopping, and a few hours at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The BMA is the perfect size for my museum skills and desire: an hour gets me through most of what I want to see and then I’m ready for more coffee. They have some great Rodin and Matisse holdings to I didn’t have to spend too much time pondering annunciations and/or Virgin and Child. I know, it was Easter so maybe I should have been a bit more Giotto.

We have quiz tonight – we’ve struggled the last few weeks. Maybe the vacation will shake loose some trivia,

Opening day in D.C. at 1p – as if that won’t mess with the already horrible rush hour in town. I’m starting a petition: No days games unless it’s a weekend or Holiday.

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