Saturday, December 15, 2012

the return

As the 51 was perusing DC this evening - Pulp for card stock, and the Downtown Holiday Market for gifts - we swung into the Cowgirl Creamery, because that's what you do - and viola! The return of Sofia cheese from Capriole in Indiana. It's been a few years and from I'd heard (correctly?) there was a flood that affected the farm. (I could be wrong - correct me, please.) Sofia is probably the best goat cheese I've ever had, and I missed it dearly. I almost bought an entire brick; I contained myself and went  with the already opened, remaining 3/4 lb. slab. Oh, baby.

There was an earlier run today to Sur La Table for a few items - just the Eleven - to finish a few ideas: in particular, lime squeezers. As we were fondling the squeezers one of the store patriots pointed out that they also sold a 'geared version of the squeezer that required 20% less work', and then something about injury and whatnot. Exactly how many limes do you have to be working to be worrying about injury? Are there loads of claims from the key lime pie-making industry? And, how does this guy really know that the number is 20%? During a staff meeting did the crew drop 1000 key limes on the counter and go at it?

"Whoa, hold up squeezers! I just rocked out (cooking related folk often use terms like 'rock' and 'on point') 1000 keys and it feels like I only did 800 keys I can squeeze enough for another 10 or 12 pies."

I'm calling bullshit.

"Hey, this geared knife is so sharp I feel like I've only julianne'd 350 Vidalia onions for the 175 quiche lorraines that I'm rocking out tonight..."

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