Sunday, December 09, 2012

let's clarify

I've been told that yesterday's explanation of rock n' roll / coolness was confusing. Admittedly, she only read it once and wasn't paying attention. I decided to vaguely steal a graphic from 'someone' and represent the idea thusly:

If you study the starting position for each, bottom left for the keys tinkler and mid-center for the HS footballer, then the climb is related to the upward-and-right distance from each starting point. I know, it's rudimentary.

On our way to work last week X looked down the Potomac as we were crossing into the city and said, "Hey, there's a train. Where is that train going? Where is it coming from? Train!" I calmly pointed out, whilst merging, that the train departs/passes through L'Enfant and then heads across the 14th St. bridge. She sipped her coffee and pondered my man skills. About an hour later she sent me this picture that she'd created to officially sort out exactly what it was she'd seen. Two things: I rest my case (as if that were an issue), and this is the greatest scatch drawing I've ever seen: plain, simple.

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