Friday, December 07, 2012

the key is...

We swung through the pet store last night to stock up on our overly high-end cat food for our high-end cats and I noticed that the cat food aisle was divided and label thusly: cat food and natural cat food. The way I see it is that you should always feed your cat natural cat food. What is cat food that isn’t natural cat food? I guess a purely natural cat food would be a bunch of live mice that I drop about the house and let my solid gold cats kill.
There was a great story on WAMU last week (read and listen here) about the final stages of ‘delivering’ the new organ to the Kennedy Center. (Here’s a WaPo story and gallery.) This is exactly the kind of event that occurs often enough in the world to be off interest when you hear about it, but generally slips passed most of us. “Don’t you just plug the organ in and start playing?” “There are two guys who hang around all night for six weeks tuning and vocalizing it?” “I wonder if at 3am on night 26 one of the guys yells ‘Freebird!’ back to his co-worker at the keyboard?” I got nothing more; just a cool story.

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