Saturday, December 29, 2012

in summation

The cat door was finished over the Holidays. Herewith is the finished product designed by X, constructed by her and her father in the Yankee Workshop:

The beauty of this gem is that it's a double-door contraption that's essentially a vapor/temperature locked compartment that the cats, the damn cats, can move from door-to-door with both doors never open. We'll decorate it and pass along updates as the knuckleheads figure it out. We fear that at least one will eventually decide that napping mid-entrance/exit might be enjoyable.

We made another evening/night through NYC last night - no issues aside from the need to make a run westbound through Danbury, CT before attacking from the north. Nothing significant to report aside from no traffic and the crazy-8 entrance to the GW Bridge when approaching along the Henry Hudson. Who created that mess?

Let's crack some numbers. Our total drive up, 435 miles in 440 minutes (including stops), worked out to a tidy 59.32 mph avg/traveled. The return, with Danbury included, worked out to 452 miles in 473 minutes, again with stops, totaling 57.34 mph avg/traveled. You find these numbers interesting, don't you? My interest is that the NYC overnight route commits to fewer stops and gives one a chance at a 60 mph avg travel time. You can't really do the Falls Church driveway to the Great North driveway in less than 7 hours and change (435 minutes) unless you limit stops to a total of 11 minutes. Truth be told, we only had 16 minutes of stops on the way up; something more like 40 minutes on the return; drive time on the return was less. I'll offer up my other thoughts if you feel like giving me a call on the the road-math hotline.

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