Tuesday, December 11, 2012

no no starbuck

L. brought to our attention last night that she needed to be introduced to coffee. Can a parent dream?

After a quarter of often falling asleep in her first mod class, Political Theory, she decided it best to begin an early path to addiction. We thought about it over dinner and discussed some other possibilities: going to bed earlier (she's often up past 11), a bit more of a morning meal (she eats small in the AM), or possibly a snack upon arrival at school (she does walk about 1.5 miles in the morning). All seemed reasonable options in place of caffeine. Then again, X did came up with the idea of a cappuccino with loads of frothy milk - made by stove top each morning as she nibbled on her toast. Not a bad plan; caffeine and some protein. Tonight we went through the process of getting out the moka pot, running the checklist and prepping for day one. You know what? One sip and she says, "I think I'll just go to bed earlier."


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