Monday, November 19, 2012

they died of TB

Talk about an amble. The 61 enjoyed a night in town on Saturday with dinner at Clyde's in Chinatown followed by our third Dizzy Miss Lizzie show, The Brontes. I now know so much about the Bronte family - learned through rock n' roll visionaries - that I can answer just about any type of Bronte trivia.  The minstrels had rented the Redrum theater space in NW to ply their trade over the last three weekends. You'd missed the Redrum's door on the 6th St. block of L if you weren't literally staring at the walls of the shuttered warehouses and old distro centers. The space is quite good for theater of this size and the 35-40 fans in attendance enjoyed the evening's entertainment. As usual, the music, lyrics, and performance was a blast - I'll go see anything that DMLRR decides to stage.

I managed to see Lincoln on Saturday morning (at 10a) with the senior crowd. Afterwards, we went and had some creamed corn and took a nap. The film is well worth your attendance if only to see D. Day-Lewis appear to have reincarnated exactly what we all probably expect Lincoln be like in real life.

Cooking has been slim of late. With visitors in town we've been out much more than usual; last night was a return visit to the Peking Gourmet Inn for ducks and whatnot.

I'm seem boring, don't I?

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