Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Whilst enjoying corn chowder this evening the entire clan (well, some of the clan) enjoyed Moonstruck. It's hard to believe it's 25 years old; then again, it was in the days when Nick Cage was good, and when Cher was temporarily ruling the actress landscape. Part of my interest in X's favorite movie is that my favorite, Big Night, both vaguely revolve around food, love, and crazy people. Another part of my interest is in completely out of nowhere lines in movies that somehow convey a mystery that only each watcher can decipher. In Moonstruck, as Johnny is picking up Loretta and taking her to his bed his declaration is "Son of a Bitch!". Not in a bad way, in a love way. Even with that love understanding, the line seems to come from nowhere yet somehow perfectly narrates the scene. My perfectly shouted line, seemingly from nowhere, is Han Solo in the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back screaming at some poor NCO who questions his going back out in the storm, "Then I'll see you in Hell!" How is that an appropriate response to some safety officer who is simply trying to make sure you don't think your aircraft is falling backwards off the carrier? Trust me, if in a meeting you drop the "Then I'll see you in Hell" line when asked by Human Capital Resources whether or not you've finished your proposal, hilarity will ensue.

I'm giving you some music today. The first is ZZ Ward doing Put the Gun Down - I'm debating seeing her in Baltimore on a weekend in March 2013 because I can see her exploding and going venue grandstanding by next summer. The second is Maia Sharp doing Me After You. I'm new to Maia and apparently I've missed a load of talent. Great song. What's arbitrarily weird, they both talk about guns.

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