Sunday, November 25, 2012

pumpkin pi

A very nice Thanksgiving weekend wrapped up. We managed a full (classic) meal on Thursday with the guests from the north before they back up yonder on the day. The Vermonters were here most of the week and managed to touch base with kids and grandkids.

Friday was cat day: one in for oral surgery, the other in for a set shots. All went well with the surgery and Lemon has now been sentenced to 14 days of house arrest in order to heal. I'd like to explain a few things: she is as close to a wild cat as you can have and, she's already been given nine days off by the house court of appeals for good behavior and time served. She'll be released Tuesday afternoon. I know what you're thinking, "you must follow the doctor's orders", and to that I say bullshit. I fully understand the need to let her heal, but her mouth is looking good, she is aware of the surgery, she won't do anything to harm herself. Also, if you'd spent the last three days in a house with a caged panther, you'd agree. Truth be told, I understand the doctor and liability. What I also believe is that the 14-day sentence is based on non-supercats; you know, babies. We'll finish her painkiller meds on Tuesday and then cut her loose.

L. and I finished the weekend with some entertainment  - Life of Pi on Saturday, and You For Me For You at Woolly this afternoon.  As for Pi, what I find most interesting are the reviews. The reviews seem to break the movie into three parts (I assume the book might fit that division) and somehow discuss the parts as if independent. The flagship portion seems to be the boat part, and it surely is the longest part of the movie (and wonderfully shot), but without the before and after, it's nothing. In fact, the idea that the movie is somehow a kids' movie - oh, animals! - is a mistake. Sure, some well read youth will enjoy it, but the ins-and-outs of the storyline are so much greater than a tiger on a boat. I haven't fully absorbed the layers but the film is extraordinary.

The boys are back from California. None the worse for the wear.

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