Monday, November 12, 2012

rum, clean.

On Friday afternoon I offered an early Saturday morning (6a) departure to the gals of The Round Table. I wanted to drive down to Warrenton, VA for a visit to the Red Truck Bakery - a well-regarded joint that does cakes, pies, desserts, croissants, etc. They open at 7a on Saturdays and I, as a father of Americana, wanted to brew some coffee, drive an hour in the early morning sun, and visit before the weekend crowds. I loved the early morning view of the two bakers on duty; it's hard to believe there wasn't at least one other who had hours a bit earlier - bakers are a rare breed. We got coffee, a few croissants, a rum cake, and pumpkin pie to bring back to the confines of Fairfax county. The croissants got good grades, I love the rum cake, and word is that the pumpkin pie is excellent.

We were back at the house by a little after 8a and I headed out to the farmers' market - the calendar is moving. Today was easily the most amazing day at the market: mushrooms, red beets, black beets, parsnips, eggs, cheese, Swiss chard, watercress, the last of the garlic, bread, ghost peppers, carrots (I left my greens behind for someone's rabbit), and loads of apples. I was unprepared with just a single bag that was immediately overrun; hands providing the only backstop to the food onslaught. A stunning display.

Because I wasn't busy enough the 51 went to see the new Bond movie at Angelika this afternoon. I quickly remembered why I don't have for the blockbuster (action) movies - there's nothing to them. I give it a C-.

More later.

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