Tuesday, September 14, 2010

honk honk

Traffic flow and jams came up the other week while I was listening to a podcast and it reminded me of a traffic TV special on BBC or ITV while I was living in England. They were working on the M25 orbital and talking about two main issues: traffic waves and lane jumping. The nuts-and-bolts were that the less space between cars the worst the ‘jam’ and, you don’t get anywhere faster in a jam by lane chasing/jumping. Over the years I’ve sort of followed what I learned on the show – and this area certainly allows for it – but I ran down a video of a guy describing the theories while driving. It’s pretty good stuff and might lead to some discussion amongst the crowd. (His Web site is here if you want to read anything else or watch traffic waves.)

I managed to ‘install’ the new board in the kitchen on Sunday. I had to move a few things this way and that in order to make enough room; needless to say, working on such a massive surfaces is quite nice. We had the entire clan over for an early birthday dinner: figs with crème fraiche and salmon to open, homemade tortellini with lemon and sage, stuffed red bell peppers, and homemade pie. There wasn’t much left behind after the onslaught.

It’s my final week of class with just one final and a buffet plating/service for the other; Nothing too much to worry about. I’ve taken a tour of a smaller, and older, culinary school nearby that I might transfer to after the Holidays. My current place, enjoyable for the most part, is getting way too overcrowded for the space they have. They’ve got 11 skills classes and 7 Intro to Baking and Pastry classes (both make-up the first step of new students) beginning next month. As a measure, when I started, and granted it was autumn, there were two skills classes and two B & P classes going on. I honestly don’t know where they’ll find the room since there are only four kitchens (or 3 ½ if you consider that one kitchen is only set-up for baking). Not only that, I think having 20-25 students per class is too many by half. The other school only has three kitchens but they run essentially the same courses with classes along the lines of 8-11 students. If I transfer it won’t be anything significant as far as upheaval, just a new place for my evenings.

We’re thinking of a trip to Warm Springs in about 10 days. That’s good thinking.

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