Tuesday, September 21, 2010

bad form, redux

I drove down to Rosslyn today after work to complete my VA forms. Granted, I can pick up my baby just up the street but that's irrelevant.

I get the correct form at the Registrar (it's the exact same form without the duplicate carbon underneath). I show her my form and ask, "Isn't this the same?" "Oh," she says, "yes. but it doesn't have the duplicate. Here, I'll just make a copy of yours." What? Moving along. I go down to financial services, sign in, and get directed to my advisor for the calculator form. I wait 15 minutes for him to get it all done, check my ID number, print it up, play slapass with the rest of the office, and then head back upstairs with all my ish in order. I hand it back into the Registrar and she's seems happy...until she gets to the calculator form which he's completed for only 1 credit, not 12, and it's not even my name and ID number. She opens the World Championship with this salvo, "What I need is for this form..." End. As she looks up at me I tell her that she is more than capable of walking down a flight of stairs and getting what she needs. I've done this all twice and there won't be a third chance. She stares at me like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest whilst wondering why I'm not heading straight back downstairs. I let her know that it's her issue now and that I will come back if something actually needs to be signed by Friday to complete this process. She looks at me. I repeat the words: 'a c t u a l l y needs' to be signed. I tell her to let me know when it's all in order.

Case closed.

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