Tuesday, September 07, 2010

cut up to size

It was bout 75° on Sunday, and only a tad warmer yesterday, so all is good in the World.

As previously discussed, the cutting board (seen above with life-sized reference person) has been completed and delivered to the house. Corey brought it over last night after knocking it out over the weekend. I believe that unless someone can prove me wrong (with evidence), I have the largest privately-held cutting board in the civilized World. It is about 50 lbs, made purely from mahogany, and there’s an inlay pattern that’s hard to see in the picture. Very, very nice. I gave him pizza. Fair deal. (I’m actually going to pay for the wood.)

Our refrigerator has gone into a death spiral. It’s not dead yet but it’s only running at about 50° and the freezer is too hot by about the same ratio. Our landlord stopped by to take a look at it yesterday and immediately pointed out that he really had no idea how to fix or diagnose it: he did bring along a hammer and some pliers. A call is in today for a service visit but I suspect we won’t see anyone until later in the week. We’ve gone with the big cooler and ice blocks to keep the essentials cold. Funny, his refrigerator at home also died over the weekend so we’re investing the strangeness of it all.

My moral dilemma of the weekend is as follows. I swung by REI to buy a new Nalgene® water bottle since my six year-old version is about worn out and busted. While there I wandered over to the men’s section to peruse the clearance items and see if they had any shorts I could stock up on for next year – I’m pretty picky in the shorts department, if you’re inclined to ask. I ended up with the water bottle, a pair of shorts, a pair of pants, and a shirt. At the register I’m rung up (there was a slight sigh of frustration from the clerk whilst scanning the stuff). The total comes to something less than what I expected – each bit of clothing was about $30 and the bottle $10) – so I look at my receipt on the way out the door assuming something was marked down lower than the tag price. The first item is 2x the water bottle for $20, at which point I put together the sigh and second scanning of the bottle. I continue reading as I’m heading back to the counter when I’m struck: She was clearly looking for four lines of product on her screen and when there were only three she’d assumed a miss on the bottle. Of course, she’d missed one of the clothing items instead and now I have some massive ethicist issue on my hand. The line isn’t too long and I’ve basically gotten a pair of pants for the price of a water bottle, so, what to do? The quick math in my head says this: her register will be fine, the inventory will show a pair of pants missing and probably be written off as stolen, and one extra water bottle will be living on the rack o’ bottles. Do we go with the two-of-three aren’t bad outcomes so it’s okay, or not? One wonders. I won’t give you my answer.

Too rah.

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