Friday, July 30, 2010

ultimate failure

I've played a bit of Ultimate in my youth - circa early 1980s when I was young, in shape, and could run forever - and in the summer of 2007 when I played here in the WAFC novice league. The difference between playing at 18 or 19 when the game was pretty wide open and at 42 when the game has developed more strategy and planning was amazing. I hurt, literally hurt (ribs, toes, shoulders, etc.), for six months after the season finished and wondered if I could manage to get myself in better shape to play again. I haven't. I would like to play again next year but I have a bit of challenge getting back to even 2007 shape. We'll see. Anyway, what brought this up was a video I saw from the 2010 World Championships in amazing catch. I have a few from my days that I thought were comparable to anything that could be done but I was just kidding myself. These guys are Open/Pro teams and their skills are way beyond anything I ever accomplished. This catch, at least the video (there may be some legendary catches not caught on tape), is the most awesome catch I've ever seen.

I came home today to discover another Vitantonio Belgian Waffle iron on my doorstep...I know, this is my fifth. (In my defense, I've given two away as gifts.) One of my double-barreled setup lost its legs about a year ago and even as I've managed to survive waffle mornings, I wanted another. I actually snagged this one for $9.99 on eBay which is some kind of record - I've lost out on bidding wars that hit $35. X laughed at me as I unpacked it and added it to my countertop that includes the KitchenAid K4-B mixer: two things no longer produced that kick some serious kitchen ass. She might wonder about me but amidst her laughter at my peccadilloes, she opened up a package that contained four extras belts for our new vacuum cleaner...who's crazy now?

An update on school: we are doing "sandwiches" in Garde Manger this week and I've followed up on the plan put out there earlier in the week. I'd planned out my time today to get both the rye and white bread made in class so they'd be ready for tomorrow's plating (note: we had loads of bread delivered on requisition for sandwiches but I still wanted to do as much from scratch as possible.) Having moved through breads in B & P I was ready to redeem myself from week if. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, the ovens in this kitchen (my first course in this fourth set-up) are absolute crap. My breads went into a '375' degree oven that only heated to about 225; something I discovered when I went to check my 'finished' rye about 25 minutes later. That doesn't work...if you must know. Both loaves has no rise and were basically wasted from perfectly well-proofed dough. I've break this mother yet....

Hey to all.


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