Thursday, July 08, 2010


Right. I'm a cooking show addict

I've watched two episodes of the new Top Chef (D.C.) after missing the first five or six seasons. That's no big deal, in the end, because it's not Gordo or Jamie. Anyway, on to Padma. I've known of her for years but this is the first real 'interaction' I've had with her and let me say this - boring as a doorknob. Is that harsh? Maybe. She's an unbelievably attractive woman but if I had to spend more then ten minutes talking to her I might just walk away. Then again, I'm in the midst of the Angelina Jolie piece in Vanity Fair and there's a difference. Now I sound sexist. Great. I'll move along… Wait, not yet. I also think Tom Colicchio is a bit of a blowhard. Sorry. He appears to have some skills and coming from a Ramsey guy I guess I might sound ironic…or moronic. The problem with him is that he doesn't actually seem to be trying to make x or y better, he's just a asshole. Ramsey is an asshole but you can see his angle on anger. Just putting that out there

"They didn't have time to cook a bag of beans?" - Colicchio.

Yeah, they didn't…in 45 minutes. What a guy

One of the guest judges was the chef at Zaytinaya here in D.C. He was the only dude up there that wasn't posing and tatted up. Why? Because if you've been to Zat then you know he has nothing to worry about. Great chef

Man, I sound (and probably am) like a whiny little thing

What I've learned thus far in this third career of mine is this: you are what's on the plate. How you walked in, what you think of yourself, your ego…gone. Your plate. Your choice. Your life

p.s. If you're fan of Tom Colicchio, or Tom Colicchio, I don't want to hear it. Write your Congressman


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