Tuesday, July 06, 2010


We ran our two-day drive back from Vermont and rolled into the area about 2 pm yesterday afternoon. The day’s start from Middletown, NY was early enough that we beat the evening Holiday traffic and got home with little interference. Of course, we were greeted by the lovely 100°, swamp-like atmosphere of the greater DC Metro area. Hey, at least it’s only supposed to be this unbearable for four days, or so.

Stowe was fantastic for the week: we had a little rain early, cool days mid-week (highs in the mid-60s to mid-70s), and a bit of heat to finish. We covered plenty of swimming (including the boys in the nearby, crystal clear river), plenty of great food, some family visits, the day trip to Burlington, a bit of shopping, lots of visits (L.) to the new handmade chocolate shop, the annual golf in miniature championship, the first annual river Duck-gatta race, an evening of Pitch Penny, and numerous crossword puzzles. The only portion of the week that wasn’t perfect was X having to do quite a bit of telecommuting work. Of course, the highlight was clearly on Friday when my duck entry, Nut1, successfully navigated the river to win the inaugural race and I then doubled up by winning my first golf in miniature title. It’s not often that one sees success at that level.

The boys were left in western Mass with their grandmother and will return tonight via the airplane invention, X leaves for England tomorrow to attend a wedding, and I’ll hold down the fort until her return. She gets back on Sunday and the boys then depart for England on Tuesday for the summer with their father. It’s going to get real quiet, real fast around The Hilltop (L. leaves on the 23rd).

Both cats have returned home since our arrival – as if Pumpkin would go far. He bounded in about 8pm last night and had quite a bit to say once he saw our shiny faces. Lemon pounced on our bed at about 2am last night to announce her presence with authority and pass along her distaste for our vacation.

All of X’s gardens have survived our absence with the help of watering family members. We even have a full-sized squash that’s ready to be plucked.

That’s the down-and-dirty for now.


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