Sunday, July 25, 2010

so it passes...

Those snaps are X's shade garden along our front walk: May (when planted), June, and July. Quite nice. I took the final picture today as she finished up an afternoon's work in the oppressive swamp heat; and, just before a typhoon-like thunderstorm hit town. I haven't been as habitual with the back shade garden, the veg, or the pumpkin/squash patch. What I can tell you is this: a small deer, who's encountered Pumpkin during a witnessed standoff, has been nibbling on the squash blossoms and my lovely is about ready to get a shotgun and campout on the porch...just waiting and whittlin' and waiting. She did point out, just after her veiled threat, that 'squash blossom-fed venison' might be the hippiest meat you could sell.

We hit D.C. last night for another show and a pre-theatre dinner at Comet Ping Pong. I'd gotten the recommendation from my Mom and after a few weeks it finally aligned for a visit. The pizza is excellent (we had the Softie and the Blossom with smoked mushrooms sub'd for the ham) and both were worth the wait. Speaking of the wait, it was crowded on a Saturday night but we managed to get a bar table that suited us fine. The bartender/waitress got our beers right quick, I went to the bar to order the pizza so as to help out the situation, but we ended up waiting 40 (?) minutes for delivery. Considering they make all the pies individually - including the crust prep - it's understandable on a busy summer Saturday night. But, if that's the norm then management needs to sort out either a better process or get better dudes manning the ovens. Just about any wait will be forgiven to some extent if the product excels, and it did. The prices are a bit steep for the type of joynt - running $50 with tip for the two individuals pizzas and two beers; $38-$40 would seem a bit more reasonable. Overall, I recommend it for no other reason than the pizza crust and great selection of toppings. If you have your heart set on playing some ping pong with the crowd, drinking beers, and hanging out...don't go on Saturday night. The crowd is truly a family set and it's much like what you'd expect in 1977 at a Shakey's pizza in Omaha. I'd imagine that the crowd turns a bit later at night and during the week it might seem more bar like.

After dinner we shot down to DuPont Circle to see Noises Off! at the Keegan. This one takes some patience to develop as it's the first act of a play within a play that's done thrice: first from the front of the house at dress rehearsal for an opening; the second act is about a month later from behind the stage; the third, another month later again from the front of the house. There are loads in ongoing romantic relationships, bad acting, and farce going on that it becomes a bit of comic genius, particularly during the second act. For an opening weekend it was quite polished and enjoyable - and a huge bravo to the cast and crew for working such an active play in a quite warm Church St. Theatre. In particular, Michael Innocenti and Susan Marie Rhea who are probably my two favorite Church St. regulars: they stood out in the heat and comedy.

L. headed back to Omaha on Friday - sans her braces which were removed Thursday - so the house is empty. I don't have my pizza-making assistant for the first time in six months so that's a bit sad. We'll see how her life develops over the next few weeks and where she might end up in the fall.


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