Tuesday, July 27, 2010

light-and-fluffy action

“…in which the zeal to render a verdict was only matched by the zeal to ignore all evidence.”

That’s a line pulled from a TNCoates entry today. It can apply to virtually anything in today’s America – it applies to race for him today – and is a phrase to keep in mind through every discussion we engage in on a daily basis.

He closes with this….

“Talk is overrated. There can be no talk with people who've conditioned themselves out of listening. This is the country we've made. This is the country we deserve.

On a lighter note, we are doing enriched yeast breads and laminated breads in Baking and Pastry this week and I want to sincerely pass this along to whoever invented handmade croissants: piss off. Seriously. As with anything in the baking realm I know it’ll take time and practice to master the technique but this process is just a colossal pain. I plan on doing some baking at home on Sunday (and a batch of croissants are on the agenda) so I’ll give everyone a photo documentary of the process. In Garde Manger this week we’ll be doing open and closed sandwiches and for now I’m working on a homemade aubergine pickle and cheddar grilled sandwich, a somehow doctored Rueben (a call out to my home state’s invention), a Ploughman’s (consider it a deconstructed sandwich), and an altered lobster roll. Between the team we’ll sort out the final choices and present them during Saturday afternoon’s class. If you have any groovy ideas, pass them along…

If you must know, we did a Stallone v. Schwarzenegger action actor showdown at work over the last days. Using ten pictures/series for each, Arnold won 5-4 with the last point being vacated due to both of the movies being so bad by the time we got to the tenth faceoff. The difference was the True Lies v. Tango & Cash tilt.

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