Thursday, December 17, 2009

some fill in

I think I've decided there will be no "best of" lists this year - at least not in a one-t0-ten configuration. I have some recommendations that I'll throw out but it'll merely be here-and-there stuff. I'm thinking about it, stand easy.

As of this typing (during this typing?) I've pulled up Let It Be by the Replacements. I read a piece in Slate today about how a few months ago, October, marked the 25th anniversary of its release. I'm gobsmacked that it's been that long but if I dig deep and think about passing along my college transcript in order to get into cooking school a few months back, it makes more sense: 25 years, wow. I'm equally amazed that it's only sold about 250k units...ever. When you have a band that holds the pinnacle of '80s bar band lore a mere quarter-mil seems pathetic. I never really knew how great their sway was beyond the Twin Cities musicdome that included Husker Du, Run Westy Run, early Jayhawks, Soul Asylum, The Suburbs, Urban Gorillas, and the like. This, by the way of addition from me, is a great album. Getting old...

The kids devoured their weekly offering of salmon, rice, and broccoli with homemade cheese sauce. X came home and downed her mushroom and sun-dried tomato if it magically materialized; is this what I've created? Is this what it's like to run a restaurant with folk coming and going? Maybe I should rethink this whole idea.

We've got a winter storm warning, granted it's a D.C. storm warning, for tomorrow night and through Saturday. I'm planning on doing the Eastern Market one more time for Christmas shopping Saturday AM; a brilliant snow would be fantastic. I'll send pictures.


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