Saturday, December 19, 2009


I meant to add a bit about an article in the New Yorker that ran on about stoves. Yes, stoves. As only they can do, the title and quick blurb gets you thinking, "that might be interesting"; a trap that got me totally caught up about four years ago when they did a two-part series on freight trains. This one is Hearth Surgery by Burkhead Bilger and it addresses the massive health issues surrounding wood-burning stoves used to cook around the World (you can read an abstract here: a subscription is required to read the entire article, digitally). The amount of engineering involved in creating a device that doesn't kill yet allows various cultures to cook three-times-a-day is staggering. Talk about a group that walks this Earth in the shadows, yet are trying to help nearly three billion people; it's truly an issue that seems nearly unsolvable. I'm slackjawed that I can fire up a safe, functional cooking device so easily yet the issue is so massive beyond our shores. I'll print a few copies and mail them out if anyone is interested.

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