Thursday, December 03, 2009

hey, what's this thing do?

A panel of experts, appointed by the federal government, recently changed its recommendation and said that such routine mammograms should begin at age 50 rather than at age 40.

Off to a horrible beginning. I read, and listened to, quite a load of commentary over the last few weeks that addressed this recommendation. At first, I was a bit confused on why they’d recommend waiting on routine exams but the more I heard, from both sides, the more it made sense. What’s vital is that this is merely a recommendation, with some strong supporting data, but it doesn’t hold the rule of law or stop you and your doctor from doing what’s best for you. Like many other recommendations made by various independent and professional groups, we don’t need to open up this can of misery where the Senate will now begin to “debate” and “amend” every fucking piece of health and it’s place in the bill – I will give you a paycheck if the Republicans don’t next propose an amendment saying that “the four out of five dentists recommending Crest” are full of shit and that any health care reform package must not include any reference to brushing and/or flossing. This was a huge mistake on the Democrats part and something that sits astride Harry Reid’s narrow and incapable shoulders

I can’t believe this stuff. Like we need these knock-a-looks to be so far down in the weeds.

“I put forth an amendment requiring that all insurance companies participating in the exchange provided coverage for non-hurty band-aids for all children.”

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