Saturday, December 19, 2009

holiday double foot

Prior to - or at the point of conception - of our blizzard, we attended a get together thrown by some parents from H.'s school last evening. I think the primary catch was parents of 8th graders so X was invited, and I, by proxy; I let them know that mine will be there next semester and they were quite grateful to know another girl would be showing up - apparently the gals are horribly outnumbered. The host/hostess house was something to behold. I don't know a spark plug from a Holley double-pumper carb any more than I can tell you square footage of a house but I'll guess this place had to be about 5,332 square ft (okay, I looked it up in the tax assessment). It's a beautiful place full of loads of art, massive rooms, at least three fireplaces that we could see, and a massive kitchen. Based on some Google mapping there's a pool that Michael Phelps could train in out back. As X was saying on the way home, when you find yourself 'hanging' around staffers, lobbyists, and some pretty elite folks you begin to wonder how this all happened. The highlight of the place was the Christmas decorations in the house. I've never in my life - nor have you unless you've been to Winsdor Castle - seen anything like it. There was more moving carousals, massive trees, camels, massive trees, a collection of at least 30 8" diameter snow globes, massive trees, and more decorations than we could even store in our house if we moved out. It was stunning and I so wish I had my camera to run some undercover youtube video. All that any of us could imagine was that there was some massive lazy susan mounted under the house that allowed one holiday/seasonal decoration kit at a time to be out. We then started wondering what would be the empty placeholder after Valentines and before the 4th of July; one guest pondered that maybe it was 'Spring'. I'm still a bit stunned by it all. We did have a wonderful time but it failed my house test which is that if I can't clean it myself then it's too big.

It looks like we'll top off tomorrow morning at about two feet of snow. We scurried out very early this morning - in only 8" of snow - to grab a few things at the store and mail some Christmas items. We got stuck twice: once in the near flat parking lot of the grocery and then as we parked in front of the house; even by Midwest standards this is a humdinger.

Maybe I'll send some pictures in the morning. My camera is in the car and I have no desire to stomp out in 3-4 foot drifts.

We're fine. Lots of food, wine, and coffee and no one's power has gone out yet. Oh, we also have a cord of firewood on the porch.

Love to all.


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