Wednesday, December 02, 2009

bothered in sleep

I’ve been babbling at X for at least the last year about racism, crazy folk, where we’re going in this life, and my despair on issues from wars to the New Haven F.D. Supreme Court case, and myriad other pins that clutter my wee brain. Now, I can steal what I think is the most dead-on explanation of what I’ve been feeling but been unable to articulate. What’s been eating at me is what I see as some form of deductive logic from our daily lives; when in truth, or at least in my view, how we react in life is more a inductive logic gleaned by simply walking our days; we take specific instances and infer that event upon a greater population. We don’t, even if we think we do, live our lives by some utopian belief that everyone is nice, everyone is happy, and that everyone treats us all the same. We know that’s not true and we know, from our daily frustrations, that it’s not how people live. The minority of encounters in our life draw the darkest marks and it's those instances where it turns on us and the ugliness rises so that we shudder and hide. Nevermind. Here's the explanation.

I also want to pass along a great piece, Daddies Win!, from Roger Angell in the last New Yorker. Unfortunately, you need a subscription to read it on-line - I guess if you get the New Yorker you've already read it, if If you don't have access, and you like reading the highest quality journalism, find someone to print it for you. I've given up on baseball, for the most part, but his summary of the Yankees' playoff run is simply stunning. Great stuff.

That's my cat, sleeping. She puts me at peace.

So does this...

Love to all.


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