Sunday, November 09, 2008

what is this magic transmission?

I’m off to the great Northwest tomorrow morning and will fly back to the D.C. area on Friday. X is very concerned about a number of things: who will feed her, who will pet Lemon every night, who will keep her warm through the dark nights of Autumn. I left a few canned goods, I had a little talk with the cat, and I added a blanket to the bed. Deed done.

The Eleven took in the Caps v. Rangers game last night – her first hockey game – and I had to quell her “I think the Rangers are better, more organized, and I love their goalie” commentary. Of course, I couldn’t take seriously her organization argument because the first thing she threw out before the game was, “I don’t think the Zamboni drivers have a plan,” as if she’d know a Zamboni from a goat.

A few weeks ago she sent off for some digital TV converter boxes after trying to sort out the over-the-air / broadcast TV signal. We grabbed one at Target a week ago – using our socialist $40 coupon – and hooked that baby up yesterday. We suddenly have about 12 channels and another 20 sub-digital channels and are perfectly happy. I’m watching football in passing. We’re bona fide.

It’s turned cold here on the Hilltop and we’ve got the fire burning. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.


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