Sunday, November 23, 2008

sevens around

(Chef/owner Morou)

We managed to sort ourselves out and get together at Farrah Olivia in Alexandria for a double celebration dinner last night. Corey and I joined the WonderTwins to toast X's successful Mass Bar result and we all toasted the November 4th election victory. I think we were waiting on big, fat paychecks before unleashing the fury of used plates, silver, and wine glasses upon the fine staff at our newest favorite restaurant. In the face of better judgment we decided to order the 7-course menu that included not only jewels of food served in a well-timed symphony but accompanying wine tastings to match what the chef imagined in his "I'll served many things with foamed acoutrements" head. You don't generally think that seven small courses (appetizers, openers, main, dessert) is going to much of a problem because if he's willing to chuck a 14-course option on the menu (reserve ahead of time) then the seven must be perfectly nice. And it was. It also put a few of the party over the edge: X couldn't even muster the willpower to dip into her creme brulee (it was fantastic) or touch the final dessert pieces (truffles, petite cookies, and peppered jellies). The truffles, wraps and all, ended up in someone's purse. The wine selections were excellent, all the food was amazing, and the service outstanding. We wound up our perfectly lovely 7pm reservation at 10:30pm and headed home. There was much groaning, meek complaining, and shaking of tiny fists in the car at the silliness of attempting the seven-course engagement. Of course, we'd all do it again if properly warned.

The major Sunday mission is procuring a new cat entry/exit window install so we can remove the towel-covered makeshift door to the back porch. I think the cold winter draft and desire to have even more light into the living room makes it essential. I'm not sure how happy the royalty will be if they have to walk all the way around the house in order to patrol the back jungle. They'll either manage it or they'll complain enough that we breakdown and give them everything they desire. Oh wait, we already do that...


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