Wednesday, April 23, 2008

she shoots, she scores

The problem with overtime games in the NHL playoffs is all happens so fast, and when you add Game 7 to the mix it feels like a car accident, in a way. There you are watching the game, or driving your car, and suddenly….BAM! You have so little warning that it’s all about to end. Of course, games and accidents with crunching metal aren’t of the same life-affecting stature; merely the surprise at what just happened. Actually, watch this video and maybe you’ll get the idea: hanging out in the park with friends, enjoying some festival or another, drinking a Snapple, I hear there’s going to be some guy doing a bunch of flips somewhere, and then…..

The Flyers won last night at the six-minute mark of OT – you could hear a pin drop amongst the 17,000 fans at the Verizon Center. It was a fantastic game and a great series that was only overshadowed by the Flyers victory and the Caps fans who thought it was okay to throw bottles and assorted crap on the ice (and at the Philly players) when the game was over. I shouldn’t indict all the fans that sit down in the lowers at Verizon but that’s were it all came from; there’s nothing wrong with acting as if you’ve been to the playoffs before and can deal more maturely with a disappointing result to a great series: you don’t need to be an ass. I hate those fans. WonderTwin 2 and I had a couple of Philly lawyers sitting right in front of us during the game and you could feel just how restrained they were trying to be throughout. The first Flyer goal made them jump involuntarily from their skins, and seats, in elation. I think they enjoyed the end more than me. Now I’ve got my first-place Cubs to follow until the hockey returns – I’ll see them Sunday afternoon at the new Nationals ballpark down at the Navy Yard.

I got a new 24” (diagonal) widescreen monitor added to the work computer yesterday. The first thing I had to do was bump the brightness down about 35% and adjust contrast to avoid having my face burnt of or ruining my retinas. I don’t actually think anyone needs a screen this big but who am I to complain.

The whole idea that a double-digit victory for Clinton last night in Pennsylvania would signal her to continue, but anything less would be a signal to give up came true: 9.2% victory. It’s like kissing your sister.


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