Monday, April 07, 2008

capital food

The thing about me is that I’m a hopeless sports fan. I don’t care much for American sports after the years in Europe but I’m a sucker for a good story. I’m also a complete non-bandwagon person – yet I’m a bit guilty of it now. My theory on “favorite” sports teams is this: you’re generally not allowed to change. Your teams are your teams and I’d find it nearly impossible to jettison the teams that I’ve loved since my youth: Minnesota Vikings, Nebraska Cornhuskers, and Chicago Cubs. It’s not even optional to move onto another team in those sports because of these very strong bonds. I’ve had affair with NBA teams (76ers in the 80s, Bulls in the 90s) because I love excellence (Dr. J and Michael Jordan) and a few Euro squads (Barcelona, Arsenal, and Chelsea in football) but they never felt like do-or-die outcomes – I consider them one-night stands. What I’ve now become is a very dedicated Washington Capitals hockey fan. I stumbled onto them as they were just a little jump into a fantastic late season run to make the NHL playoffs; they were about the worst team in the NHL at Thansksgiving. Tonight they clinched a division title at the last gasp and move on as a most dangerous team (winning 11 or the last 12). They’re young, their new coach came from nowhere, and they have 23 year-old Alexander Ovechkin lighting up cameras and hockey fans around the world. I’ve never had a hockey team so I don’t feel as if I’m cheating. I don’t care for the Redskins, Wizards (Bullets!), or the Nationals, so the Caps seem like a way to connect to the greater D.C. area. As a bonus I’ll let you in on a little secret: hockey is the most exciting sport to be in the arena watching – no comparison to any of the other major sports. Call me band wagon if you will but I’m pretty happy to garner a sports association beyond what I had in 1970 without sacrificing any of my integrity. They host the playoff opener at home on Friday against the Broad Street Bullies.

Lidia Bastianich tried to kill me yesterday with a crepe, spinach/greens, béchamel sauce, baked dish ‘pasta’ dish. I didn’t know what I was thinking when I kicked off the shenanigans at about 5:30pm – we ate at about 7:45. I think I needed a restaurant-quality kitchen and three assistants.

I took G. to see Mim’s Island yesterday and after 90 minutes realized the X has a lost of Jodie Foster in her – or the other way around. It’s mostly a facial layout and expression idea but it also carries through the neck and shoulders. How interesting is this entry?

I post, clear my mind, and come back later.


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