Friday, April 11, 2008

15 and 8

What you have is a sports moment like few others: Ovechkin with two poke-checks and an unassisted goal to win his first-ever playoff game. The Caps were down two entering the third before a rally tied it up and Ovechkin won it late. It was amazing. No more sports (barring a Woods comeback) until the next round of the playoffs.

Occasionally a Metro rider ends up on the wrong side of the tracks – it’s much less troublesome if the stop you’re hanging at is a central platform. Ballston is a train-centered, commuter-diverse station. As I’m waiting for the line to Carrollton I see a young guy hauling ass toward the only up elevator on my side…and the only train is already on the other side with doors open. Let me give you a tip – if you are mistakenly on my side and the doors are open on the other side, which you need to be at…or on, you’ve got no chance. This little sommabitch is hauling up my platform, up my escalator, across the top of the station, and down the other side. T’aint happening. But…don’t think for a gosh darn minute that I’m not hoping he makes it. I see him halfway down the escalator on the other side as the doors close. Damn. Doors open on that train because of some hack has apparently violated my rules and my team ends up slippling into the last car, or not, as he’s actually stopped by some commuter cop at the door. Are you kidding me? The cop seems a bit baffled as he stops "crazy-hauling-ass guy". He eventually lets my team onboard and a cheer goes up in my little mind. That should be an Olympic event.

L. is in tomorrow morning and we’ve got at least one night of salmon….if you must know.


P.S. Tiger will be within three by the end of tomorrow.

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