Wednesday, April 02, 2008

as if i'm crazy

I’d like to add something to the list from earlier: Leonard Cohen. I’m a ticket guy – a lurker – and I’ve got a pretty solid handle on what’s what when it comes to demand, prices, and complete loons. Leonard Cohen fans, rightly so, are loons. We’re looking at flying to a place dubbed Charlottetown, Canada and spending the night in order to see Cohen in a 900-seat theatre. Don’t even think about trying to see him in Montreal or Toronto: that’s crazy money, crazy talk, and crazy Canucks. Hamilton, Ontario (a 90-mile drive from Buffalo) is a better option. I’m digging through the change in our cushions in order to even contemplate a one- or two- night trip up to see him. At 74 years old, Mr. Cohen may not have many (or any) tours left in him after this 20 or 30 show jaunt across the World. I’m just about sure that taking what’s-her-name to see Cohen would carry more weight than… well, anything. You know what? You weigh the benefits of each and then step across the line into the abyss….


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