Tuesday, April 15, 2008

like who you live with

Ever since we watched Helvetica a few months ago there's been fonts hanging all about the place: "Oh, that's Helvetica", "That Obama guy has a nice font!" Who knew a documentary would latch onto the brain - my Rwanda and rendition documentaries never get the same shrift. There've been entries (elsewhere...) and critiques on who uses what and for what good/evil purpose. My contribution to the institute of my readers and strange birds will be this quiz for the overly interested. I'm about to take it but it's clearly for much more erudite (strange? insane?) of the typesetters and designers of the World than it is for the font lovers hanging about - they even have Hall of Fame. I love that it's dubbed the 'Rather' Difficult game.

As a challenge I'll alert you that I got the first one correct. Bang!


post-script: I got 18 of 34 which is pretty pathetic by hall of fame standards. Not many Americans near the top of that list.

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