Wednesday, January 02, 2008

give and take (back)

Since I’ve been in the company of many of my blog peeps over the last few weeks the paddle was left alone and allowed to ponder the New Year.

One of the gift ideas I had this season was two books by Derek Robinson – books published in the early 90s that are out-of-print and completely underground in the used market. I was reading the second – A Good Clean Fight – checked out from the library as I wandered the Internet trying to find both books of the brace. I found one and it arrived in time for Christmas but was then damaged during the great tree flood of 2007 (I'll get to that some other day). In order to signify the gift of A Good Clean Fight I wrapped my checked-out library edition and gave it along with the other book. You can only imagine the hilarity of explaining that the gift was due back at the library in three weeks – you can look at it but don’t let that thing be overdue. What a great way to give gifts – from the library. Chuckle chuckle all about the living room; one can only try.

The Eleven had a wonderful trip to Florida over Christmas. There was great weather, good food, and plenty of relaxing to be found around Mt. Dora. We all contributed to the upgrading of Mom’s computer so she can now continue to harangue multi-national online bridge players.

I can’t resist adding in this hilarity from the Catherine Tate show on BBC2 (plus I’ll always have it stored here…) I’m stealing it from an entry which he introduced with “When you're prejudiced against everyone, are you prejudiced against anyone?” Please, let’s keep it politically correct!

We’re off to a dinner out this evening. I’ll let you know how that goes. Back in the saddle.


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