Friday, January 18, 2008

return of the king

18 January 2008
Riverwalk, Reno, Nevada

Another trip back in time this week; another chance to see how Northern Nevada is doing in my absence. I'll give the quick rundown on my old river rabbit trail:

La Bussola - they've reopened back downtown after almost a year in a very small space elsewhere. The old landlords quadrupled the rent and they bailed out in 2006. They are now about 50 feet across from the old shop (which is still vacant) and in the same building where they live. Great news for them. They are hosting a 300+ soiree this evening to celebrate the launch of a new gay Website that will be hosted, and specific to, the Reno crowd. I may swing by...
Dharma Books - They're still going strong on the river and have closed the second location. Cheron is suppose to be in Tucson finishing her novel but she's still sitting behind the desk doing books as I type. I love the place.
Bibo Coffee - Still the best brew in town and opening a second location closer to the river.
Pneumatic Diner - Two evening meals this week and still great; still on my 'best of' list.

For those worried about the housing market I've got a little input on the leading indicator market in NNevada: there were 400 homes listed for sale in Fernley during December and 11 sold. It's ugly. The Sacramento median price for homes dropped 20% from December 2006 to December 2007. I thought my earlier predication of 2010 for the nation was frightening but I'll stick with it based on what I'm seeing out here.

Speaking of economics, what's the bruhaha with "immediate relief" to the American people? Remember the days when 'they' said Americans aren't saving money and are failing to plan for the future? 'member? Our spending culture, of which I am a proud member, was setting us up for some Monday when the money would be gone. Now we've got Bernanke and Bush contemplating a $800 to $1600 per family/person package that "gets money in the hands of Americans"....for what? They say it's so they can spend it and get the economy back on track. I'm no economist but I think this might be the stupidest thing I've ever heard - give us money so we can spend it. That's the plan for temporary relief? Yikes.

The Nevada caucus is tomorrow in the AM so candidates and politicos are swarming the city. They all look a little crazed.

I saw an Oregon license plate this morning in the hotel parking lot that was something that states now provide for owners to use as an indicator of person's love or support. This one was "Salmon". Nothing more. Just the word "Salmon" and a subdued picture of a salmon - I don't know if it was a coho or king but it was definitely a salmon. Since there was no other indication of intent - save the salmon, eat the salmon, catch-and-release the salmon - I've no idea of the context. I know that here in Nevada they have "support Nevada Arts", "Keep Tahoe Blue", the standard "University of Nevada", and myriad others, but I've not seen something so ethereal as "Salmon".

I'm thinking of a movie this afternoon - Juno is playing right nearby but There Will Be Blood is also opening here this evening. Any input is appreciated.

I'll be back home tomorrow evening.

Love to all.


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