Wednesday, January 02, 2008

to the bank

Wildcard Weekend

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh – Jacksonville is way better than a wildcard team and if they’d managed to win one game against the Colts than this post-season would look much different. Jax beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh last month and will do it again – easily.
Jacksonville 31 Pittsburgh 17

Tennessee at San Diego – I’m tempted to say “who cares?” Aside from LaDainian Tomlinson this game is a dog. Tennessee snuck in under the wire, I don’t think they’re any good, and I guess S.D. will finally win a playoff game. Zzzzzzzz….
San Diego 24 Tennessee 10

NY Giants at Tampa Bay – Boring. Eli Manning in a big game on the road? Lovely. I don’t think either team has a snowball’s chance in the grand scheme but someone has to win the game.
Tampa Bay 21 NYGiants 13

Washington at Seattle – This will be a surprise to many but I think the Redskins will destroy Seattle. Line up the blitz package and pummel Matt Hassselbeck; no worry about the running game.
Washington 28 Seattle 14

Divisional Round

Jacksonville at New England – This is the one team that can stop the Patriots. Smash mouth football captained by the very cool Jack Del Rio. The Jaguars, if they get a lead or stay close, will run the ball all game long and keep the Patriots offense off the field. I’m teetering on this one because I don’t think the weather or personnel are a huge factor but the Jags' inexperience is…
New England 28 Jacksonville 27

San Diego at Indianapolis – Go home Chargers and run your mouths like you seem to do after every loss these days.
Indianapolis 24 San Diego 20

Tampa Bay at Green Bay – Favre wins at home and packs his bags for…oh wait.
Green Bay 27 Tampa Bay 21

Washington at Dallas – Dallas should have played the last game against Washington. Momentum is with the Redskins and I don’t think the Cowboys are that great.
Washington 24 Dallas 17

Conference Championships

Indianapolis at New England – Here we go again. The Pats got the scare from Jacksonville, they get the Colts at home, and they won’t let it slip away like last year.
New England 31 Indianapolis 20

Washington at Green Bay – The Redskins run comes to an end, probably due to conservative coaching and some crazy mistake by the staff, and Green Bay returns to the Super Bowl. It’ll be freezing in Green Bay.
Green Bay 24 Washington 21

Super Bowl XXXII
New England v. Green Bay – I think it’s a bridge to far for the Packers but maybe Favre pulls an Elway and wins the game before riding off into the sunset. Unfortunately I think one of the two QBs implodes and has a miserable game. The more likely is Favre as he struggles to keep up with the Patriots’ scoring machine…
New England 41 Green Bay 21

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