Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I’ve signed petitions here in Virginia by all who’ve asked for help in getting their candidate on the primary ballot: Obama, Clinton, Richardson, and Huckabee. I suspect that the very blue northern Virginia area isn’t getting much attention on the Republican side since I’ve seen no one but the 'Huckabees' looking for ballot signatures. Of course, the big three GOP candidates probably have better organization and everything is in order at this late date. I do suspect there to be a Ron Paul push between now and the New Year if he's not already on the ballot.

I standby my earlier post concerning those that can win a general election: Obama, Edwards, and Paul. I know it still sounds crazy since Paul won’t get the nomination but the rest of the GOP field stands little chance in November – although I am enjoying watching the Huckabee surge and discomformt it causes the frontrunners. The election algebra calls for some solution involving those I don’t think can win a general election if they are actually part of a general election: Clinton, Giuliani, Romney, McCain, or Huckabee. We can cross that bridge when, or if, we get there but if it comes to fruition than I’ll vote for Clinton.

I’d have liked Bill Richardson to make a stronger showing over the last six or eight months but he’s struggled to get any coherent message to voters. He seems confused and often stumbles when trying to clarify his issues when pressed for quick and decisive answers. I think he’d be a great cabinet member but his abilities as President are questionable.

There is probably an unfair penalty to be paid for association with what I consider to be 28 years of oligarchic rule in the White House being extended another eight years; I’m including the Bush 41's time as Vice President. I honestly believe that cleaning house – in both branches of elected government – is in overdue. If we could chuck out 90% of Congress at the same time as we swap the White House for new ideas, I’d be the first to sign on. From my view, both leaders in Congress have been horribly inept over the last year and I’d just as soon see Reid and Pelosi step aside and hand the reins to someone who doesn’t have twenty years of Washington stink wafting around their behavior.

My vote in the Virginia primary will be for Obama. I believe this is a rare chance for the American voters to throw the career junk from Washington and make as clean a start as is possible these days. The Obama and Clinton platforms appear nearly identical on the surface, and they are by necessity, but Clinton’s foreign policy mentality scares me to death. I think it’s vital to remember that in the grand political scheme Senator Clinton is beatable by just about any GOP nominee; Obama isn’t beatable by any of them. If I finally have to fall in line with the “Nader cost the Dems the 2000 election” mentality then I will – the Obama v. Clinton debate mirrors that issue. If I don’t believe a candidate can win the White House as the Democratic nominee than I’m not willing to risk losing it all when I vote in my primary.

I guess the die is cast.


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