Thursday, December 06, 2007

gidgit or gadget?

There are two things in this world that I either don’t have, have had and lost, or can’t possibly be found: the perfect spill-proof coffee cup and the perfect over-the-shoulder bag. The reason I’m revisiting these topics is due to an order placed last night for a new Yak Sak. For those who know me intimately you’ll remember my first messenger bag crush was a simple black and gray commuter I bought in S.F. about four years ago. I’m certain that walking alone along the streets of that fine city over many a long weekend, with a bag purchased there, influenced my love of said bag. Since the retirement of Ol’ Baggy I’ve been through a Timberland, the current Timbuk2, a few cheap imitations bought at sundry stores, and at least a couple I probably don’t remember. The Timberland was never more than a one-night stand; the Timbuk2 is closer to just fine than most, but I’m going back to the company that began the evolution. Update to follow. We don’t want to get into the number of ‘spill-proof’ coffee devices I’ve purchased, lost, smashed, kicked, run over, or cussed at…

Speaking of updates. I neglected to mention that I didn’t go the Pats vs. Ravens Monday night game because my ticket seller bailed on me without so much as a peep. He’s basically a huge loser. I do have a ticket set up for the Colts vs. Ravens in Baltimore on Sunday night.

Kitchen gadgets. Here’s a ratio that I put forth as fact: the number of kitchen gadgets is inversely proportional to the amount of real cooking done in your home. As I’ve cooked more over the years I’ve actually gotten rid of more stuff than I’ve bought. When I was wandering through Williams-Sonoma yesterday I recognized this grand theory as I oogled the contraptions like I stare at animals in a zoo: cute but not really functional as pets. I bought two peelers, some kitchen shears, and a cutting board scraper. I have no need for the fancy stuff. As much as anything, contraptions need cleaning.

We had a beautiful snow through yesterday and into the night. The best part was throwing snowballs at Q. while I was outside with him. A totter in a snowball ‘fight’ is like a game of chance at a carnival: he just keeps tottering around and I keep refining my launching technique. Yup, he’s merely a piece of midway machinery to me.


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