Wednesday, December 19, 2007

my dearest Roisin and Aisling

March is shaping up like something of a something for music. On the 1st we’re off to Baltimore to see Flogging Molly and on the 9th I’ve got (well, I’m hoping to got tomorrow morning) two tickets for the Pogues at the 9:30 Club in D.C. A week later I’ll get an evening of Bob Mould’s music at the 9:30 Club on his tour in support of his new CD. It’ll be a big hunk of Irish and/or punk music.

The Eleven hit the D.C- area Christmas party scene last Saturday night via an appearance at X’s former and future law firm’s shindig. I’d like to say I clean up pretty well but she cleans up much better – of course, she starts off from a much higher level. There was some confusion on whether or not this was an eating party since it didn’t kick-off until 8pm; I’m normally thinking about bed at 8pm. We ate at home around 6:30 (the kiss of death) and then discovered that the party was in fact an eating party. What can you do? Arrived at fancy D.C. hotel just after 8pm for cocktails and mingling before the ballroom doors swung opened for seating at 9pm. The food looked adequate but we mostly sat and gabbed while others ate. (Is this story too long?) This was the first chance I had to meet the high-powered types from her firm. Here’s a shortlist of who I remember meeting: fisheries guy, guy from same high school as X, IT guy, sad guy, tax guy, hedge fund guy, summer associate herding guy, various summer associates – to include X’s Cordelia (Buffy reference), and myriad other eagles. All in all it was a nice evening out of the house with a cute girl.

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