Thursday, December 13, 2007

gonna let it rock...let it rolllllll

I was listening to Diane Rehm interviewing Daniel Schorr on this morning’s show when I popped over to CNN for a quick look at breaking news. Oh look! The Spice Girls are opening the new Virgin Terminal at Heathrow and there’s live video. Yes! They’re my cross to bear.

The newest Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees have been announced and the opening report from the MTV generation of artists has been heard. Obviously, Madonna has been a lock for years but will still generate heaps of criticism from the hordes. Is it coincidence that Madonna and the Spice Girls show up in one entry? Considering the hold MTV had on an entire generation her entry is bonafide – as an entertainer she is of the same mold as Elvis and no one would argue with Elvis. Hey! I didn’t say she was Elvis. Add in a dash of “she’s getting better looking as she gets older” and I’ll support her.

John Mellencamp is another product of MTV, albeit a forgotten one to most. His days as John Cougar and the videos for Hurts So Good, Jack and Diane, and Pink Houses were staples of the network long before he became a more politically and musically driven (?) rock n’ roll figure in later years. I own most of his stuff and am very happy to see him gain entry. Very few of my generation would be unable to sing along with the opening verse of Jack and Diane – and we’d be doing the hand claps while preparing to croon. Here’s the video for everyone’s enjoyment…

Weather moving in for the weekend. We won’t need to dig out around here, it doesn’t get that bad. We’ll be bundled up for the Eastern Market on Saturday afternoon.

Love to all.


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